Night Market

DSC00499These Chinese grapes were were so voluptuous looking that we had to buy them. Only when we got back to guesthouse to we calculate that 180 Baht was $6. Oh well Also tasted a small, shiny red pepper like fruit–tasted like a cross between a cucumber and rhubarb. It was called som man uoo. Well, something like that. No we did not taste those lovely pricey-looking ones. Patti fruit

2 thoughts on “Night Market

  1. Following your adventures and read your article in the Union newspaper. The blog address they printed is not correct – it says when it should be Be sure to fix it on future submissions so we can all continue to travel in your shoes. All is well on TV Drive.

  2. Kindergardeners are so special. First contact with a teacher. Such innocence.
    It sounds so refreshing to live this lifestyle. Hope to get more updates once I get to Illinois. Love you

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