Wired and Tired

image016161616After the plane ride and a clean hotel in Bangkok, a long day on the mini bus. I met a German couple who agreed to share the cost of one as the driver promised a shorter ride than the bus. The towns and acres of agriculture fly past the windows faster than my eyes can grasp them—rubber trees, coconut palms, and lush tropical landscapes. Exquisite temples! There are old ladies in big hats with umbrellas on their motorbikes and new subdivisions of narrow two story houses. Bridgestone is everywhere – we assume harvesting rubber. Thailand reminds me of the Midwest in the 50s so much booming economy –more middle class—everywhere motorbikes and cars and all the fixing and tires and hubcap sales that go with them.

The roads are like little roller coasters up and down With all the cramming into small spaces, scrunching and being jolted awake by a bump in the road our incredible bodies hang together—bones still attached to muscles. I am in awe of them.

We are in the S town of Trad on our way to Cambodian border. First stop in this town was our favorite massage therapist who used to know cousin Alden –they were monks together in N. Thailand. And of course a good bowl of Thai soup for breakfast with its many textures and flavors–lemon grass, kaffir lim leaves, chillis, peanuts, lime, fish sauce and many undetermined ingredients.

Baan Jai Dee guesthouse offers no luxury accommodation. Traditional Thai construction with well varnished teak floors and walls so thin we can hear the neighbor sneeze. We come here because the proprietor is such a gem. She has framed many small pieces of Thai weaving and embroidery on the walls. Her husband collects books. There is a central room where people from all over the world congregate. Tomorrow hope to get a bus directly to Kompot, Cambodia.

4 thoughts on “Wired and Tired

  1. You were just here on Wednesday, and now you are there.! It will be good to see and smell and taste this trip, especially from your seasoned eyes, ears, palette. and inquisitiveness. I’m Thanking God for your safe travel thus far. I imagine you and Dave holding hands in anticipation, peace and joy at being in such a far away familiar place. 🙂

  2. Hi Patti!
    So glad to hear you arrived safely and have already been absorbed by the sights and smells of the culture. I’m living vicariously through you, so be sure and share all you see and hear!

  3. don’t know how you do it! You and Dave are a rare combination, braving these roads with the faith that all will be well. I hope you are safe. Thinking of you both.
    Still negotiating on the house. Nothing final yet as contractors are getting us bids for some repairs before I sign on the proverbial dotted line. Still hope to get the place. Leaving for Illinois 2/7-2/21. Nancy got some really bad news on her health and I’m going a few days earlier than planned so I can spend some time with her. Not good! Did not tell Jana so don’t. Jana only knows the chemo has started again.
    Stay safe. Love you both. go Niners! Marji

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